1. Beach Advisory


  2. Are You Experienced?


  3. Visitation-Rite from Age-Specific


  4. Dying Woman in Calabria, 1984

    How I saw old people when I was young. 

    Dennis Marsico



  6. Altered Annunciation
    handcrafted slipcase, quarter bound case
    letterpress on Twinrocker paper

    Altered Fra Angelico Annunciation from the artist book Policing Pleasure

    (Source: dennismarsico.com)


  7. Blind Desire, bilingual artist book printed in English and Braille. Letterpress, archival pigmented prints.

    (Source: dennismarsico.com)


  8. Canto V of Dante’s Inferno as reenacted in the turbulent hellish waters of a hot tub in Pittsburgh.

    (Source: )